Issue 35: December 10, 2023

Militant Rocket Hit Base Linked to Israeli Nuclear Missile Program – A visual analysis found that a rocket launched from Gaza on Oct. 7 hit an Israeli military base believed to house nuclear-capable missiles, although it’s likely they were not in danger.

The Federal Government Paid Media Outlets to Promote the Covid Vaccine – If you still want to believe in freedom of the press, go ahead. Nobody’s stopping you.

Money-losing postal agency cancels services to Israel! – Australia’s postal service is canceling all postal service to and from Israel, citing concerns over safety. But there’s nothing to see here, folks. There’s no anti-Semitism involved. But what about Ukraine? Oops. You’re not supposed to think for yourselves.

Issue 34: December 3, 2023

Tiny Fraction Of Global Elites Emit As Much Carbon As Bottom Two-Thirds Of Humanity – This is a good factoid to be aware of while we continue to be lectured about ‘global warming’.

IDF ignoring warnings about impending massacre in Judea, Samaria, say sources – We hope that this report is much ado about nothing; nevertheless, we decided to share it for those understand that the true war is a spiritual one and the way it is fought are those spiritual means.

Blood on His Hands: Survivors of Kissinger’s Secret War in Cambodia Reveal Unreported Mass Killings – Just in case you still think that Kissinger was such a great peacemaker.

How the Democratic Party Faked an American Insurrection – Slowly, slowly truth emerges from the sea of lies.

Issue 33: November 19, 2023

Play Deprivation Is A Major Cause of the Teen Mental Health Crisis – An excellent analysis of what happened to the children of GenZ. For hundreds and hundreds of years children from all over the world matured emotionally, psychologically, socially, mentally and intellectually, through unsupervised play away from the watchful oversight of adults. Slowly, slowly, over the span of decades, this necessary functioning of a healthy childhood was whittled away (mostly by socialism-inspired societal engineers in conjunction with hyper-paranoid parents) and has been replaced almost completely today with what has come to be known as ‘phone-based’ play.

Issue 32: November 5, 2023

Barak Nixon Tells a Terrifying Story of How He was Saved from the Party at Re’im – You need to watch this (and if you can’t understand Hebrew, there are subtitles in English) and share it with everyone you know. It’s not only a miracle that he survived the massacre, but that he’s able to talk about it and to move forward in a positive direction in his life. This is the true spirit of the Jewish People.

US Nuclear Test Raises Concerns of New Arms Race With Russia – The US conducted a high-explosive experiment at a nuclear test site in Nevada just hours after Russia revoked a ban on atomic-weapons testing, prompting concerns of a new arms race between the world’s top nuclear powers.

Zelensky Complains War In Gaza Is “Taking Away The Focus” From Ukraine – He really spoke the words out loud…Ukraine’s President Zelensky recently said that the war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas is “taking away the focus” from the Ukraine conflict. Aww. He’s concerned about losing his gravy train? Maybe now, he might be willing to sit down at the negotiating table and stop sending his fellow citizens into the meat grinder to be cannon fodder.

Issue 31: October 22, 2023

World Politics

China Has Up To 6 Warships In Mideast Waters As US Carrier Group Moves Closer To Israel – The international build up of naval powers in the Eastern Mediterranean is gaining steam. This is a very serious development.

Global Food Supply

HUGE: Italy to BAN fake lab grown meat – This is good news, but in order for Italy’s ban to hold up, they’ll have to convince the EU, otherwise, EU ‘legislation’ could override Italian national law.


Cutting off the Head of the Snake: Swiss Banker Pascal Najadi Calls on Swiss Authorities to Arrest People Behind the Release of “Bioweapon” COVID-19 Shot in New Documentary (VIDEO) – Just because other crises seem to have taken the spotlight, we shouldn’t forget the crimes committed against humanity just a few short years ago. It is encouraging to see that ‘significant’ names and personalities are working to bring to justice those organizations and individuals who promoted democide.

Issue 30: October 8, 2023

World Politics

Canada: The Great Replacement — A highly insightful article by an Indian immigrant to Canada on the true threat behind unrestrained immigration especially when such immigrants have no regard for or interest in the Western civilization into which they are immigrating.

Issue 29: October 1, 2023

World Politics

Justin Trudeau’s Nazi Hot Take Flexibility – After Canada’s Prime Minister gives a standing ovation to applauds a former SS Waffen Nazi soldier in Parliament for fighting against the Soviets (who were actually part of the Allies during WWII — ?!?), he solidifies his status as the world’s most nauseating pseudo-intellectual.

Tens Of Thousands Of Armenians Flee Their 2,000-Year Heartland In Karabakh, Facing Genocide – Shocking scenes have been emerging from the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh this week, after last week an Azerbaijan military offensive targeting a breakaway region killed at least 200 people and wounded many more. Keep in mind that Azerbaijanis are primarily Muslim and Armenians are primarily Christians, something you won’t often see focused on in news reports.

Is World War III About to Start? Part II: Are the Military-Industrial Complex and Deep State Driving Us to War? – Not that we’re worried about a kinetic WWIII breaking out, but this article is interesting because it explains rather well how the military industrial complex needs war, for war is profit and it’s a huge money machine paid for by your taxes to employ millions. And don’t get caught off guard by propaganda. Defense Contractors are typically no such thing. They’re War Contractors. Let’s at least be honest enough to call a spade a spade.

A YEAR OF LYING ABOUT NORD STREAM – Another great installment from Seymour Hersh laying out the true motive behind the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines.

US Politics

J.F.K. Assassination Witness Breaks His Silence and Raises New Questions – After almost 60 years of silence, we are now privy to a most interesting eye-witness account from one of the Secret Service agents who was tasked to guard JFK on that fateful day. If what he is saying is true, you can kiss the single bullet theory a long-awaited goodbye.

Issue 28: September 3, 2023

World Politics

“A Very Dangerous Moment” – Hungary’s Orbán Warns Tucker “A 3rd World War Is Knocking On The Door” – Tucker Carlson’s full interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is absolutely fascinating. If you don’t make time to listen to the entire interview, at least read some of the key excerpts.


Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration – Scientists and professionals from around the world signed this declaration at the risk of being marginalized or worse. They did so because they felt compelled to support truth in the face of so much propaganda.

Global Surveillance

We the Targeted: How the Government Weaponizes Surveillance to Silence Its Critics – Don’t allow yourself to be deceived when it comes to global surveillance. It is absolutely naive to say, ‘I don’t have anything to hide’. You are assuming, without much historic evidence, that government is there to protect you and to secure the freedoms that G d wants you to have. No, a government’s primary objective is to protect itself from any attempt to diminish it and to increase its power whenever it can. And history has demonstrated over and over again that it will attempt to do so at the expense of its citizenry any opportunity it gets.


Federal Court Rules FDA Abused Its Authority with Anti-Ivermectin Messaging to Americans: “FDA is Not a Physician” – You’ve heard the message many times: “Regulatory agencies are in place to protect you. They are not captive agencies that work hand in glove with the very industries they are designed to monitor.” Sure.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Vs. Humans: Which Performs Certain Skills Better? – The data evaluated were technical skills such as handwriting recognition, speech recognition, reading comprehension, math skills, and the like. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that AI wins hands down. But what weren’t assessed were distinctly human attributes and emotions such as love, compassion, mercy, etc. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the hype. You are human because you have the capacity to love, to feel, to sacrifice yourself for others, and to worship.

History and Media Manipulation

Colorado Controversy Raises Questions Over the Meaning of the Gadsden Flag: With Update – Do you know the meaning of the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag? There are two main ways to find out: study history or listen to a sound bite from the mockingbird media. There’s always more than one side to a story. It’s your choice whether to be manipulated or informed.

Issue 27: August 27, 2023

World Politics

Why Russia Is Decimating The Ukraine Counter Offensive – We are witnessing military malpractice by the West on a grand scale. Did the NATO planners really believe the propaganda nonsense that portrayed the Russian military as a decrepit, doddering army of incompetents? If so, the West is now learning a very hard lesson and now must come to grips with the fact that NATO’s delusional calculation that Ukraine could shatter the Russian military is a complete bust.

US Politics

Double Jeopardy – Jack Smith’s indictments of Donald Trump are unconstitutional because, among a litany of other reasons, he was already tried – and acquitted – in the Senate of any wrongdoing.

Issue 26: August 20, 2023

Global Food Supply

Global Elites’ Secret Plot Against Food: Why You Might Be Forced to Eat Lab Meat Soon!

Is There Meat Glue in Your Food?

Maui Fire

Thanks to Government, Maui’s Lahaina Fire Became a Deadly Conflagration

Trump Indictments

Video: A stark warning about the Trump indictment from Newt Gingrich

Issue 25: August 13, 2023

Artificial Intelligence

A Practical Deep Learning-Based Acoustic Side Channel Attack on Keyboards – AI is now being trained to listen to the sound of your keyboard strokes during a video-conferencing calls. Each key stroke has a unique sound which can be detected by AI. So if you think that no one will be able to ‘see’ what you’re typing during such a conference, you’ll be wrong. AI software (potentially in the hands of hackers) will be able to listen to your passwords and other sensitive information. Be careful.


What They Did to the Children – The act of imposing risks on children for the perceived benefit of adults has been considered, in any decently moral society, to be one of the most reprehensible crimes. And yet this is exactly what policymakers did during the COVID years.

Organ Donation

‘He Was Alive’: Tormented Chinese Doctor Recounts Harvesting Organs in Back of Van – There are some things that we just don’t want to know anything about, and that when we hear a whisper about them, we deny that they could possibly be true. They’re just too unbelievable. How can it be that people can be so brutally cruel? But the truth is that the world is brutally cruel in many places. Don’t shut your eyes. Open them so you can weep.


The One Paragraph that Reveals All – The mountain of evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt officials in the Biden White House bullied Facebook (and other social media) executives to perform Orwellian censorship has now reached Mt. Everest elevations. Who even cares? Just give me my bread and circus and leave me alone.

International Drug Trade

TALIBAN’S MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL OPIUM ERADICATION RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT US WAS DOING ALL ALONG – The Taliban government in Afghanistan – the nation that until recently produced 90% of the world’s heroin – has drastically reduced opium cultivation across the country. Western sources estimate an up to 99% reduction in some provinces. This raises serious questions about the seriousness of U.S. drug eradication efforts in the country over the past 20 years. And, as global heroin supplies dry up, experts fear this could spark the growing use of fentanyl – a drug dozens of times stronger than heroin that already kills more than 100,000 Americans yearly.

Issue 24: August 6, 2023

Organ Donation

Whatever you have heard or assumed about organ donation when you die, you may want to take a look at some of these articles. Like most subjects these days, nothing is what it appears to be and much of the reality is shrouded in mystery. On the one hand, there is information that is approved for public consumption, and on the other hand, there’s the insider information known by those involved in the trade. And the two often do not agree. And don’t be fooled. It doesn’t matter if an organization has many rabbis sitting on its Board of Directors. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, and remember an important bit of advice: follow the money. Pekuach nefesh is one thing; killing is another thing altogether. Where there’s profits to be made, judgment always gets skewed. The good news is that if you have already signed an organ donation card, you can have it nullified. At least in Israel, all you have to do is notify the National Transplant Center by means of fax or e-mail.

Melbourne Doctor: Most Donors Still Alive when Organs are Removed


The Beating Heart Donors


Health and Medicine

Meat Consumption And Longevity – An excellent summary of a very important study which analyzed data from 175 different contemporary populations to determine if there was a correlation between meat consumption and longevity and/or childhood mortality. The results may suprise you. If you want to take a look at the full study, click on this link: Total Meat Intake is Associated with Life Expectancy: A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis of 175 Contemporary Populations.


‘Facebook Files’ Reveal Despicable Disregard for the Constitution – Former US Congressman Ron Paul’s weekly column from last week. It has come out that Facebook took orders from the Biden regime to censor accurate information about COVID – any information contrary to the official narrative – showing a total and blatant disregard for ‘free speech’ and even their own constitution.

The Most Embarrassing “Facebook Files” Revelation? The Press, Exposed as Censors – When the media itself has been proven to actively participate in censorship, what can be said about so-called ‘freedom of the press’?

Technocensorship: The Government’s War on So-Called Dangerous Ideas – What is meant by the term ‘technocensorship’? And why should you care? First, it’s worthwhile knowing because, more than likely, you are being affected by it. Second, it’s a slippery slope from censoring so-called illegitimate ideas to silencing truth. And that should concern everyone.


Hollywood Is Completely Freaked Out Over AI – Think what you may about Hollywood, but we think it is important to understand, at least a little bit about, their concerns. As a civilization, what do we really want the future of art and creativity to like it? Do we want them to reside in the soul of man (even if that soul is scarred and damaged), or would we prefer that they reside in a soulless technology programmed by people with an agenda?

Israel Politics

Ehud Barak’s poisonous pyromania – We don’t usually focus on Israeli politics, but we thought this opinion piece is worth reading. As you read some of Barak’s words, keep in mind that he, as a former Prime Minister of Israel, represents the established ‘mainstream’ leftist agenda.

South African Politics

“Kill the Boer…The Farmer!” – Radical South African Political Leader Calls for Executing White People While Massive Crowd Dances and Echoes His Cries (VIDEO) – We’re a bit speechless, but perhaps we shouldn’t be. It’s not the first time in history when genocide has been supported by a large percent of a population. Here is a second summary of this rally: Watch: South African Black Party Chants ‘Kill The Boer (White), Kill The Farmer’.

Issue 23: July 30, 2023

Mining and Slavery

These Are The World’s Top Cobalt-Producing Countries – The Democratic Republic of Congo, the second largest country in Africa, is by far the world’s largest producer of cobalt, 73% of global output. So what? Cobalt is a key ingredient in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

For Your Phone and EV, a Cobalt Supply Chain to a Hell on Earth – A worthwhile read to gain some insight into the horrendous cobalt mining industry in the DRC.

U.S. Politics

Biden is Obama’s “Useful Idiot.” IABO- “It’s Always Been Obama” – An opinion piece claiming that former President Obama’s must have been awareness of the ‘extortion racket’ crimes committed by his then Vice President Joe Biden. Nothing proven here, just food for thought.


Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study – A very important paper showing that 1 in 35 health care workers at a Swiss hospital had signs of heart injury associated with the COVID ‘vaccine’ mRNA-1273.

Science & Technology

WATCH: Carl Sagan Issues Prescient Warning of Authoritarian Science™ From the Grave – The late astronomer Carl Sagan, who perhaps understood the unique threat of technocracy as well as anyone ever has, has emerged from the grave with a prescient warning on the dangers we are wading into unchecked.

Climate Change


Issue 22: July 23, 2023

International Politics

LEAKED FOOTAGE: Retired Four-Star General McChrystal Claims Nord Stream Pipeline Bombing was Perpetrated by the United States – Retired four-star General Stanley A. McChrystal, who was removed from his command by Barack Obama following critical comments on his administration, has made explosive comments suggesting that the United States was behind the Nord Stream pipeline bombing.

Recently Released Private Letter from former President Nixon to then President Clinton – Believe what you want to believe about former President Nixon, but we find this private letter to then President Clinton very interesting, especially in light of the current catastrophic debacle in Ukraine.


NO! Robert Kennedy Jr. DID NOT CLAIM Coronovirus Was an “Ethnically Targeted” Bioweapon Designed to Spare Jews and Chinese – WITH VIDEO – Perhaps you heard that RFK, Jr said that COVID was a bioweapon designed to spare Jews. Many news outlets, even here in Israel said as much. The problem is that it is completely false. This isn’t what he said. If you want to know what he said, this article has the information for you.

US Military Confirms Myocarditis Spike After COVID Vaccine Introduction – Slowly, slowly the ship is taking in water. The only question is, How long will it take before the entire boat sinks from the revelations of truth?

Issue 21: July 16, 2023

Climate Change

NOBEL LAUREATE: “CLIMATE SCIENCE HAS METASTASIZED INTO MASSIVE SHOCK-JOURNALISTIC PSEUDOSCIENCE” – Dr. John F. Clauser, joint recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, has criticized the climate emergency narrative calling it “a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people.”


Paper on Post-Vax Autopsies Swiftly Removed After Attracting ‘Special Attention’: Dr. Peter McCullough – What to do when a scientific paper from one of the world’s leading medical journals exposes the truth? Delete it so people can’t access it.

Issue 20: July 9, 2023


Musk’s Tweet-Limiting Move Is To Prevent The Completion Of The “AI-Censorship-Death-Star” – A lot of hullabaloo erupted when Elon Musk announced a limitation to the number of tweets that could be viewed by users in a given period of time. Was this a form of free-speech suppression as many claimed, or was it just the opposite, a safety mechanism to prevent massive worldwide censorship?

“Orwellian Ministry Of Truth” Busted – Judge Bars Biden Officials, Agencies From Contacting Social Media Companies – More good news. A federal judge in Louisiana has forbidden multiple federal agencies and named officials from having any contact with social media companies with the intent to moderate content.

RFK Jr. Decries Biden Admin’s Withholding of Some JFK Assassination Records – Sixty years on, and the USG is still (illegally) suppressing the release of JFK assassination records. That’s got to tell you something.

BURNING BOOKS IN A BRAVE NEW 1984 WORLD – A thought-provoking article that discusses the relevance of Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World and 1984 in today’s world.

International Politics

They Lied About Afghanistan. They Lied About Iraq. And They Are Lying About Ukraine – With such a dismal track record when it comes to telling the truth, why do we continue to believe what government-sponsored media continue to propagate?

Child Trafficking

‘America’s Darkest Secret’: Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse and the Biden Administration – It’s a subject that we generally don’t like to talk or read about. People can’t be that evil, can they? Yes, they can.


mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Should Be Labeled Gene Therapy Products: Peer-Reviewed Paper – A recent paper published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences on June 22, 2023, is finally acknowledging what we have known all along, i.e. that the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” are not really vaccines at all, but rather gene therapy products. Yet U.S. and European regulatory agencies did not and have not yet classified them as gene therapy products. What’s the point? Read the article.

Issue 19: July 2, 2023


Texas College Fires Biology Professor for Teaching Students That Sex is Determined by Chromosomes — The woke counter-culture movement is no joke. Speak the truth, get fired.

Health and Medicine

Aspartame sweetener to be declared possible cancer risk by WHO, say reports — Well, what do you know? Surprise, surprise.

Batch-dependent safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine — This means that the unsuspecting public were enrolled, without their informed consent, in a worldwide clinical trial.

Steve Kirsch During PA State Senate Hearing : “We Can’t Find an Autistic Kid Who Was Unvaccinated” Within Amish Community (VIDEO) — Some of the strongest opponents to acknowledging the possible link between childhood vaccinations and autism will be the parents themselves. Most will be incapable of facing what they did to their own children.

Issue 18: June 23, 2023

International Politics

BlackRock Recruiter Who ‘Decides People’s Fate’ Says ‘War is Good for Business’ While Spilling Info on Asset Giant — If you haven’t seen or read the transcript from James O’Keefe’s latest bombshell expose from a BlackRock recruiter, this is definitely worth looking at. It confirms what many have said for many, many years. War makes for good profits, plain and simple. And those who make the profits control the world.


Are You A Conspiracy Theorist? — This is an interesting perspective on the nature of conspiracy.  What exactly is it and how does it work?

America Wakes Up to Woke — Are we beginning to see a concerted uprising against the so-called “woke” Cultural Revolution? Perhaps. And if so, this is good news. Good news, indeed.

Issue 17: June 18, 2023


Tucker Carlson Pinpoints The Exact Moment That ‘Permanent Washington’ Decided To Send Trump To Prison — And when was that moment? It was during a GOP debate when Trump said that Washington should never have sent troops to start a war in Iraq, that they lied about so called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and further that they knew they were lying. Washington can tolerate a certain amount of orchestrated dissent, but not when it comes to their favorite and most lucrative gravy train — war.


First People Sickened By COVID-19 Were Chinese Scientists At Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Say US Government Sources — According to multiple U.S. government officials interviewed as part of a lengthy investigation by Public and Racket, the first people infected by the virus, “patients zero,” included Ben Hu, a researcher who led the WIV’s “gain-of-function” research on SARS-like coronaviruses. What a coincidence.

Issue 16: June 11, 2023


In first, Israeli hospital to hospitalize gay men in maternity ward — How far does the push to normalize the bizarre go? We’re not sure, but if we weren’t living in clown world, we would have thought that this article was a parody. It’s not. It’s real. 

Twenty Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns  — An excellent summary of where the Covid years have led us. As the author writes, “If you haven’t changed your thinking over the last three years, you are a prophet, indifferent, or asleep.” 

Tucker Talks Taboos After MSM Ignores Instagram Kiddie-Porn Bombshell — Even though the Wall Street Journal had a front page expose of how Instagram was being used openly by child traffickers and pornographers, the mainstream media has pretty well ignored this. Ignorance isn’t much of a strategy to protect our children.


Media Smears Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. For “Conspiracy Theories” Even As Many Come True — Being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” is one of the worst insults a person can suffer these days, completely de-legitimizing not only the individual but his ideas. Expect more attacks on RFK, Jr. 

Issue 15: June 4, 2023

World Trends 

Ranked: The Cities with the Most Skyscrapers in 2023 — We thought this was interesting. Does it portend the fall and rise of nation states?  


Texas governor signs ban on gender-affirming care for minors — It’s nice to pass on some good news. Texas becomes the 16th state to place restrictions on “gender-affirming care” for minors this year. 

Interview: Ex-UN Exec. Director Calin Georgescu + Dr. R. Fuellmich, Oligarchs own the UNITED NATIONS — In case the video starts at the beginning, jump ahead to the 59 minute mark and listen to what Calin Georgescu, a former Director of the UN candidly admitted about the ruling class’ relationship to pedophilia.  


Carbon Footprint Of Lab-Grown Beef “Orders Of Magnitude” Worse Than Traditionally Raised: Study — Do you think the push for ‘cultured meat’ is really about climate change and preserving the environment? That’s not what the science says. Rather, as with most trends foisted upon society, it’s about control and profit.

Issue 14: May 21, 2023


“The Right to Own Bitcoin Shall Be Inviolable” – RFK Jr delivers historic keynote at #Bitcoin2023 — The right to economic privacy coupled with self-determination and personal sovereignty is a monumentally important right of any free people. Slaves have no economic freedom. Therefore, we should expect forces with vested interests to attack non-government backed cryptocurrencies. It is encouraging that RFK Jr., who is running for the nomination of the Democratic Party in the USA, not only openly supports cryptos, but seems quite knowledgeable about the topic.

Health and Medicine

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Pentagon Report Forensically Dismantled Fauci-Led Natural Origin Study — Although COVID seems to be a thing of the past, we all will be dealing with its ramifications, in the natural course of the world, probably forever. This is why it is important not to relegate the topic to our distant memory.

NYC to begin tracking food purchases to make sure residents don’t consume “too much” meat — We knew this would be coming, and here it is. Do we really want governments to control our diet? Keep in mind, there’s always an agenda that may not be exactly what you’re told.

Where ‘Conversion Therapy’ Is Still Legal — Conversion therapy is the process of trying to stop someone from being gay or trying to stop someone who wants to change their gender identity. Whether you support it or not is not the point of sharing this information. We find this chart revealing in many ways.

Issue 13: May 14, 2023


Transgenderism ‘Confusing People About the Nature of Reality’ and Victimizing Children, Say Authors — What’s behind the transgender movement? Ignoring the growing influence of this illness is not a productive strategy, especially if you have young children. We need to protect and educate our children and grandchildren with truth. 


Fahrenheit 2023 — How many of you remember reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 when you were school? What he warned about way back in 1953 is highly pertinent for us today. We are still burning books today, but not necessarily literally. 


The Death of Trust: As Institutions Erode, Bitcoin is Currently Our Only Hope — What will money look like after fiat currencies destroy themselves (and people’s hard-earned savings in the meantime)? If you don’t know much about cryptocurrencies yet, it’s about time you started informing yourself. This is not a technical article, but an informative, philosophical perspective. 

International Politics 

The Difference Between Secrets and Lies — JFK said, “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings…” Yet, governments all around the world continue to keep secrets. It could be argued that perhaps we should not take Kennedy’s words as a blanket criticism against the need to maintain secrets. However, what happens when those who wield power no longer can tell the difference between maintaining sensitive secrets and outright lying? 


Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus — Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Allergy and Respiratory Research for Pfizer has been an outspoken critic of the official COVID narrative. Although he’s been defamed, sidelined and criticized, he’s never been sued. Perhaps it’s because he speaks truth. Here, he summarizes the scientific reasons why he questions the existence of the virus in the first place.  

Issue 12: May 7, 2023


Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination — An interesting research article clearly demonstrating the link between COVID-19 vaccination and retinal vascular occlusion. 

International Politics 

Digital Fentanyl: The CCP’s Cyber Campaign To Destroy America — The Chinese Communist Party has a long term vision. TikTok is playing a significant role in their goal of world domination. 

America’s First Black President Left A Legacy Of Slavery — The price Black Africans paid for Obama’s presidency. 

Issue 11: April 30, 2023


‘The greatest crime against humanity’ in history: Naomi Wolf’s 11 revelations from Pfizer vaccine documents — A well-documented summary of the horrific damage done to people around the world by Pfizer’s so-called ‘vaccine’ against COVID. Just keep in mind that Pfizer would never have been permitted to perpetrate such crimes against mankind if it weren’t for the active cooperation of governments. 

Possible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children and adolescents – a Scoping Review — When the mask mandates started, I remember reading the labels on the boxes for the masks that were being promoted—no efficacy whatsoever against viruses. But that didn’t make a difference. That’s when I realized that masks weren’t about health, but rather about submission. Although this is a scientific manuscript, here’s the permanent paragraph for you: “There is a possible negative impact risk by imposing extended mask mandates especially for vulnerable subgroups. Circumstantial evidence exists that extended mask use may be related to current observations of stillbirths and to reduced verbal motor and overall cognitive performance in children born during the pandemic. A need exists to reconsider mask mandates.” If you’re interested, you can read the rest of it. 

Science and Technology 

Which Countries are Granted the Most New Patents? — Here is a well laid out info-graphic with informative supplementary tables. Its usefulness isn’t just which countries are leading the world in patents, but which areas of technology are the current focus. Pharmaceuticals don’t even make it into the top 10. 

Culture and Crime 

Live-birth abortions are on the rise in Canada as part of a disturbing trend that extends to Ireland — Anyone with a little bit of foresight knew decades ago that the legalization of abortions was a slippery slope to further society decay and depravity. It’s not just a theoretical argument anymore, it’s the reality. If case you don’t know what ‘life-birth abortions’ are, they are ‘abortions’ where a child is born after a failed abortion and then left to die. Calling it ‘abortion’ is a cruel misnomer. It should be labeled for what it is, i.e. murder. Molech worship is still very much with us. 

Issue 10: April 23, 2023


Confirmed: New Twitter Files Drop Reveals Fauci Lied Under Oath – Took Over White House COVID Response Twitter Account — What’s our attitude when public officials get caught in lies? I hope we don’t have the attitude of Hillary Clinton when testifying about the attack on the US Embassy in Libya that left four Americans dead, when she infamously said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Do you remember that? Not good. 


They Must Have a Good Reason — This is a very interesting article on the psychology of denial. It’s worth reading. 


RFK Jr. Tells Deep State “Nice Try” As Fire Alarm Interrupts His Presidential Announcement — Even if you don’t have the time to listen to his entire speech, it is worth reading or listening to some of its highlights. Robert F. Kennedy Jr, whose father and uncle were both assassinated in the 1960s, seems to be cut from the same cloth. It is refreshing to hear certain truths spoken publicly. 

30 Years Later, Waco is Still Damning — Numerous historical events over the past 60 years continue to haunt us today—so many unanswered questions, abuse of power, cover ups, corruption, etc. This is one of them. It doesn’t matter what you think of David Koresh. What matters are the actions of an out of control federal bureaucracy that white washed and justified itself. History repeats itself because we allow it to repeat itself. 


The Woke Revolution Is Erasing the Past  — Why do so few in our younger generations know anything about history and English literature? Planned ignorance or just a random factoid?

Issue 9: April 16, 2023


Don’t Let Them Memory-Hole This — Is it now forbidden to even talk about what happened to us over the past few years? Should we all just pretend it never happened? That’s not a good idea. Remember, ‘quarantine’ is a medical term; ‘lockdown’ is a prison term.

American Politics 

Does This Compromise President Biden? — President Biden, a real Manchurian President. The author did his homework providing documentation of a highly compromised President.


What Artificial Intelligence reveals about Western stupidity — Is artificial intelligence so intelligent? Not really. It just parrots what the political and cultural biases of its creators. We should be aware of this.